Stop Racism & Online Hate Appeal

The Online Hate Prevention Institutes Appeal to Stop Online Racism and Online Hate

Stop Racism and Online Hate is the first ever fundraising appeal by the Online Hate Prevention Institute.The appeal will run for 59 days and aims to raise $12,000 to support a growth in OHPI’s activities. Money from the appeal will also support the development of some fantastic online tools to empower social media users. The tools being developed create transparency so platform providers like Facebook and YouTube can be held to account when they fail to respond appropriately to user reports of online hate.

OHPI’s appeal is run on the Indiegogo platform and is sponsored by the ROI Community who will be matching all donations dollar for dollar until the milestone of $10,000 has been raised. OHPI thanks the ROI Community for this amazing support and we urge you to make a donation today and to help us leverage this generous offer. The money from the appeal goes to OHPI’s Online Hate Prevention Fund, so all donations from Australian tax payers are also fully tax deductible (see more).

With the launch of the appeal, 18 months of quietly getting on with the job comes to an end. As shown in the campaign video, there is world of hate out there and OHPI has been playing a leading role in reducing the harm it causes. Now is the time we come to you, both our long time supporters and those who have only just heard of us, and we ask you to back our efforts to stop online racism and other forms of online hate. With your help, not only can we do more, but we can empower the commmunity. Please donate what you can, and help us spread the word. The hate went viral long ago, now it’s time to make our response to hate go viral as well.


Read more about the appeal at Indiegogo