Dec 2016
The first submissions to the Federal Government’s inquiry into S18C and Freedom of Speech have been published on the Parliaments website. More submissions will be released in due course. Here’s some extracts of what...

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Mar 2015
OHPI attended the conference RDA@40 in Sydney on February 19 and 20, 2015 organised the Australian Human Rights Commission. The conference was held to mark the 40th anniversary of the passing of the Racial...

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Jan 2015
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE On January 20, 2015, the Online Hate Prevention Institute (OHPI) released a new report “Je Suis Humain: Responsible free speech in the shadow of Charlie Hebdo”. The report is in response...

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Nov 2014
Most of the online hate OHPI reports on is public content. The reason for this is that public content is able to go viral and can usually do far more harm than content shared...

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Jul 2014
In the second in our series of educational videos by Lady Diamond, the anti-hate campaigner explains what S18C of the Racial Discrimination Act is really about and why is it important. Your thoughts and...

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