Mar 2017
In this week’s Australian Jewish News, OHPI’s CEO, Dr Andre Oboler, looks at the rise in online antisemitism in the first two months of 2017 and the way it has gone mainstream. Make no...

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Feb 2017
  Update February 15th The group discussed in this article spent Valentines Day planing 1,000 small stickers with a heart and their groups name around Melbourne. The described it on Twitter as a treasure hunt for...

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Oct 2016
An excellent opinion piece by Jenna Price in The Age last Tuesday looked at bigotry and ignorance in Australian society. The article “Ignorant Australians are the threat to my society – Fear of the other...

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Mar 2016
A Facebook page promoting a new Australian based Neo-Nazi group, Battalion88 (page id: 452209554976265), was created two weeks ago an experiencing rapid growth. While claiming to be Australian, the page sought to transport American...

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Feb 2016
Jennifer Oriel, Anti-Semitism’s licit disguise on the Left, February 17. 2016, The Australian Anti-Semitism’s licit disguise on the Left The success of Labor rationalists in thwarting a ban on politicians’ travel to Israel provides...

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