Nov 2018
Background At around 4:10 pm on Friday the 9th of November a car was driven into shops on Bourke Street in Melbourne. A man set the car on fire and proceeded to attack members...

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Sep 2017
We’ve just banned the second person from the Online Hate Prevention Institute’s Facebook page since the #DebateWithoutHate campaign started 5 days ago. In that time the main article has been liked / shared over...

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Apr 2017
Luke McMahon has written an excellent article for the Sydney Morning Herald revealing the real identity, online personas, harassment and intimidation campaigns of far-right extremist Nathan Sykes. The Online Hate Prevention Institute and our CEO,...

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Feb 2017
  Update February 15th The group discussed in this article spent Valentines Day planing 1,000 small stickers with a heart and their groups name around Melbourne. The described it on Twitter as a treasure hunt for...

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Jul 2016
The threats, incitement and expressions of violence appearing in the comments on the pages of far-right groups have been causing concern for police and the community at large. These comments are often more blatant...

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