Dec 2016
The Online Hate Prevention Institute (OHPI) is Australia’s only Harm Prevention Charity dedicated to the issue of online hate. A large part of our work relates to identifying and combating cyber-racism against various parts...

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Jun 2016
Yesterday’s briefing on the agreement between the European Commission and Facebook, YouTube, Microsoft and Twitter on improvements to handling hate speech received a strong positive reaction, almost 300 likes and shares, but also a...

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Mar 2016
Some argue that the only solution to hate speech is more speech. We believe there is a need for three things to tackle hate speech: the removal of content which cross the line messages...

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Nov 2015
Australia does not have a bill of rights, or a broad concept of “freedom of speech”. What we do have is a narrow concept of freedom of political communication. This is a right enforced...

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Aug 2015
When we post a briefing highlighting a Facebook page promoting hate we often get asked “Isn’t there a free speech issue here?” Yes, there are; two in fact. Facebook’s Free Speech One free speech issue...

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