Aug 2013
Twitter‬ is to be sued in ‪France‬ over a hash tag “Gays must die”. A number of activists are questioning why Twitter rather than the users involved are being sued, the reason is that...

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Jul 2013
An Anti-Muslim rant falsely attributed to Julia Gillard, and exposed by Snopes back in January 2013,  went viral on Facebook in July 2013. After a successful campaign by OHPI, and the help of our...

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Jun 2013
As co-chair of the Working Group on Antisemitism on the Internet and in the Media, OHPI’s CEO, Dr Andre Oboler, delivered a summary of the Working Group’s meeting and plan of action to the...

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Apr 2013
In the lead-up to ANZAC day 2013 an internet troll began creating a series of pages mocking ANZAC veterans. The pages were designed to cause public outrage in both Australia and New Zealand. The...

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Oct 2012
Facebook is sliding into moral decay. I would say slowly, but the pace of detrimental change appears to be increasing. The change between 2008 and today is truly shocking; the more facebook grows, the...

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