Apr 2017
We often highlight how social media platforms are overly protective of those using their platform for abuse and don’t give enough protection to the people that abuse impacts. US history, culture and legal norms...

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Sep 2015
The Online Hate Prevention Institute has been fielding a number of media questions about online trolling and abuse in recent days. We’ve discussed the issue on radio this week with 3AW’s Tom Elliott and...

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Jun 2015
David Blumenstein, “Who’s Ben Garrison“, June 2, 2015, The NIB, https://thenib.com/the-internet-s-most-trolled-cartoonist-91a92d9b7585 Australian cartoonist David Blumenstein published an excellent comic on the story of Ben Garrison Cartoons, Online Hate Prevention Institute‘s Cartoonist in Residence, and his six year struggle against...

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Feb 2015
A few comments on our Facebook page have required an extended response from us. This briefing shares some of what we have posted, and some messages we feel are important. Third party content on...

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Jan 2015
Over the last few days the OHPI Facebook page has received a number of comments relating to what is called “bike rage”. These comments come from an organised group of people who are trying...

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