OHPI at the IREA Eid Dinner

10505553_884741248269765_8782569246098395858_nOn July 27, 2015, OHPI attended the Eid Dinner celebrations organised by the Islamic Research and Educational Academy (IREA). The event included many speakers from different faiths and also representatives of the Victoria Police.

Michel Laloum, the Cantor from Temple Beth Israel spoke at the event about the need to come together. He spoke about the destruction of the Jewish Temple due to disharmony and welcomed this coming together of people of different faiths.

Rev Mark Dunn spoke about his service overseas as a military chaplain. He told a story of a Jew and a Muslim in his brigade who shared a billet and became close friends. He spoke of how the Army supported them in observing their faith as they served Australia overseas.

Representatives, both Muslim and non-Muslim, from Victoria Police also attended the dinner. There are over 100 Muslim officers serving in Victoria Police. The liaison support between Police and different communities has been increasing as well as education at the police academy about different communities.

Waseem Razvi, the president of the IREA also spoke about the importance for people to work together for a better Australia. He spoke of Indigenous Australians as the original owners of the land, and of Muslim communities in Australia since 1650s. He spoke of becoming an Australian citizen and how in Australia we all come together and celebrate that diversity.

Also present here are people who organised and attended the anti-racism protest. A number of jokes have been made about capsicums for dinner.