Mission and Vision

The Online Hate Prevention Institute (OHPI) is an Australian Harm Prevention Charity. We aim to reduce the risk of suicide, self harm, substance abuse, physical abuse and emotional abuse that can result from online hate. Our focus ranges from cyber-racism, online religious vilification and other group-based forms of online hate, through to the cyber-bullying of individuals.

OHPI conducts research, runs campaigns and provides public education, recommends policy changes and law reform, and seeks ways of changing online systems to make them more effective in reducing the risks posed by online hate. We aim to find ways to create systemic changes that reduce the risk of harm both now and into the future.


To be a world leader in combating online hate and a critical partner who works with key stakeholders to improve the prevention, mitigation and responses to online hate.


To change online culture so hate in all its forms becomes as socially unacceptable online as it is “in real life”.

Principal Activities

The principal activity of OHPI is the promotion of the prevention or control of human behaviour that is harmful or abusive to human beings, specifically Emotional Abuse, Physical Abuse, Self Harm and Suicide.  Read more.

Public Accountability

OHPI is a Charity in the form of a Public Company limited by guarantee. As a company we are registered and regulated by ASIC (the Australian Securities and Investments Commission), see our online record. As a charity we are registered and regulated by the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profit Commission. OHPI also has special recognition as a Harm Prevention Charity, we are listed on the Harm Prevention Register (maintained by the Australian Government’s Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs) and provide additional reporting to the responsible government minister through the register.

Internally, OHPI is overseen by a board of nine directors (the CEO and eight independent directors). The directors of OHPI serve in a voluntary capacity and receive no remuneration for this public service. Charitable donations to OHPI are overseen by the Board of Management of the Online Hate Prevention Fund, which is composed of three of OHPI’s independent directors:  Dr Ron Weiser AM, James Altman OAM, and Prof John Rosenberg.


OHPI was created in 2012 as a dedicated institute for addressing online hate. It builds on six years of work in combating Online Hate by its CEO, Dr Andre Oboler. Read more.