Founded in January 2012, the Online Hate Prevention Institute is Australia’s only national charity dedicated to tackling all forms of online hate and extremism. We are recognised as an international leader in the field and have provided expertise to the United Nations, national governments, human rights agencies, academic researchers, and civil society organisations around the world. We regularly provide media commentary for television, radio, and print / online media. 

Through our work we have documented then secured the removal of many thousands of items of hate speech. We have also secured the timely removal of terrorist content. Our recommendations to major platforms have been adopted as changed to their software. We’ve influenced government policy to improve online safety and prevent government overreach. 

We’ve carried out world leading research and published over 350 briefings and reports deconstructing hate. Our work has been cited by a range of United Nations bodies including UNESCO. We’ve developed and run training in Australia and internationally. We’ve trained young adults, provided internships for students, and worked with volunteers to increase their skills.Our work has addressed general racism, racism against our First Nations peoples, antisemitism and Holocaust denial, Islamophobia, misogyny, homophobia and transphobia, anti-Asian xenophobia and racism, attacks on veterans, as well as trolling, griefing, Covid inspired hate, violent extremism, and more.

Current Projects


  • Tackling our extremism problem
    The sight on the steps of the Victorian Parliament on Saturday, black clad neo-Nazis throwing Hitler salutes over and over for half an hour, as Victoria Police stop by protecting them from on lookers, has shocked the Jewish community. Sometimes it is better to act quietly, to avoid giving the Nazis the attention they crave […]
  • Discussing Nazi tactics and counter-tactics with The New Daily
    The New Daily have published an article talking to various experts, including our CEO, Dr Andre Oboler, on why the Nazis infiltrated an anti-trans rally in Melbourne and what we can do about it. As the opinions in the article highlight, we can respond with anarchy or with law and police reform. Extract 1: “These […]
  • Discussing Nazi salutes with The Guardian
    Following the neo-Nazi rally with Hitler salutes on the steps of the Victorian Parliament over the weekend (see more), the Victorian Government, with the support of the opposition, are moving to amend the law. The public display of Nazi Swastikas were banned last year, yet the Hitler salute remains legal resulting in the absurd picture […]

The Online Hate Prevention Institute regularly provides commentary to media organisations around the world. See our media coverage and press releases. Journalists and media outlets wanting to receive our press releases can sign up here. Media inquiries should be directed to us using the details on our contact page. 

We have been interviewed or quoted by: ABC, BBC, SBS, MSN, 7.30 Report, The Project, The Conversation, The Australian, Australian Financial Review, ZDNet, The Age, The Herald Sun, Sydney Morning Herald, the Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph, The Saturday Paper, The New Daily, IEEE Spectrum, IEEE TV, 3AW, CAAMA, Jerusalem Post, Haaretz, Times of Israel, Ynet News, The Guardian, Business Insider, 10 Daily, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, Crikey, The Advocate,,, Protocol, The Federalist,, The Stringer, The Forward, Australian Jewish News, J-Wire, Plus61J, South China Morning Post, Illinois Times, PC Games, CTV News, The Daily Dot, Hack on Triple J Radio, K-Rock Radio, New Matilda, National Indigenous Radio Service and many others.