Rising hate on Twitter

Since Elon Musk took over Twitter there has been a rising tide of hate on the platform. Our CEO, Dr Andre Oboler, discusses the problem with ABC News 24 following the release of a report by The Centre for Countering Digital Hate.

Some of the key points Dr Oboler raised in the interview:

  • All forms of online hate will be rising
  • The firing of the online safety staff makes it harder for Twitter to respond to hate
  • The tweets from Elon himself, promoting free speech absolutism, have given a green light to hate
  • Elon’s proposed solution, to just not increase the visibility of hate, won’t discourage people from tweeting it
  • Those being pushed off the platform before, or who were moving away form it to go to platforms where hate was more acceptable… are now coming back and increasing activities
  • There is concern globally about online hate, it’s been a focus at the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance last week, at the European Commission a few weeks earlier,
  • OHPI’s new briefing was discussed, Twitter censored a picture of Muppet but not content claiming a prominent Jew was a Nazi
  • A hearing in Washington DC heard that governments will have to regulate if platforms don’t improve
  • Once there are laws in place with tighter regular, other approaches to reduce the problem of online hate may be off the table