Jan 2021
The extraordinary events in the United States overnight deserve careful reflection both in the US and here in Australia. It’s clear that something has gone very wrong, social media is involved, democracy was put...

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Mar 2019
The Online Hate Prevention Institute welcomes the news that from next week Facebook will be taking greater efforts to ban white supremacy on the Facebook and Instagram platforms. Facebook and Twitter took similar action...

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Jan 2018
Last year we received a suspicious tweet directed to us, followed by one from another account warning us the first account was a troll. That was how we met Impostor Buster, the author of...

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Dec 2017
On the advice of its Trust and Safety Council, Twitter has expanded its understanding of prohibited hate. For the first time Twitter will consider content on users profiles not just their tweets. This means...

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Apr 2017
We often highlight how social media platforms are overly protective of those using their platform for abuse and don’t give enough protection to the people that abuse impacts. US history, culture and legal norms...

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