Services and Consultancy

Prices and information on this page is current as at 18 March 2020. For further details on any of these options please contact us.

Software for monitoring online hate

The Online Hate Prevention Institute’s Fight Against Hate software tool has been used in major projects monitoring online content such as antisemitism and Islamophobia.

The system can be configured to tackle any form of online content the public will be willing to report e.g. hate speech, extremism, fake news, etc. It can operate in any language (if clients can supply translations).

The system is provided through a Software as a Service model. This means the software and data stay on OHPI’s servers, but the reporting form can be embedded in the client’s website. This operates much like the way you might embed a YouTube video.

Setup fee: AU$400 (once off)

Public Pool License (12 months): AU$2,200 (this means other organisations / researchers may also access the data on items reported via your site)

Private License (12 months): AU$44,000 (this means your data is counted toward summary statistics but the items themselves are not available to others unless they are reported separately via another organisation’s version of the tool)  


The Online Hate Prevention Institute provides consultancy services to companies, governments and not-for-profits in areas related to our expertise:

  • Development and review of policies on social media use by staff (from $2,000)
  • Development and review of policies and training related to managing social media channels and responding to harmful content (from $3,000)
  • Specialised analysis and reporting on harmful content including incitement to violence and extremism (from $2,000)
  • Open Source Intelligence gathering (from $2,000)
  • Research support in areas related to online hate for academics and NGOs (see also expert training) (from $5,000)
  • Commissioned reports into areas of online hate / extremism (from $50,000)
  • Strategic support for major campaigns into online hate (from $11,000)
  • Other consultancy services within our areas of expertise are available on request


Recognising hate speech: This two hour training session is designed for delivery to groups from companies, local governments, and community groups. It discusses the balance between freedom of speech and online hate. It looks at examples of online hate speech so participants learn to better identify and response to them. AU$500 (per group).

NB: Community groups in Victoria can arrange for a “recognising hate speech” delivered by community facilitators trained by OHPI for free.

Tackling Hate Speech talk for IEEE Computer Society Chapters: Local chapters of the IEEE Computer Society can arrange for an online talk on online hate speech and the role of technology professionals. See a 5 minute introduction at IEEE.TV. Free.

Campaign and gathering data: This 1 hour session + Q&A looks at best practice running a campaign to gather data as well as using staff to find examples. Delivered in an online face to face training session. AU$300.

Analysis and processing data: This 1 hour session + Q&A looks at best practice in data processing, storage and analysis. Delivered in an online face to face training session. AU$300.