May 2015
Since early this year, Twitter has been on a mission to finally tackle the horrendous abuse and harassment that the platform has become infamous for. Ever since its CEO admitted in a leaked memo...

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Mar 2015
You must be logged into Twitter to report an item. Step 1 Click the ellipsis under the tweet for more interaction options Step 2 Click Report in the drop-down Step 3 Specify the problem...

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Jan 2015
Over the last few days the OHPI Facebook page has received a number of comments relating to what is called “bike rage”. These comments come from an organised group of people who are trying...

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Dec 2014
There is a buzz here in India at the news that an Indian man, Mehdi Masroor Biswas, was arrested in the early hours of Saturday morning for operating the popular pro-ISIS Twitter account @shamiwitness....

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Jan 2014
This briefing relates to a recent incident on an anti-Muslim hate page. The administrator(s) of the page took a stand to differentiate opposition to Islam from the spread of violence and hate against Muslims....

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