Nov 2019
On Sunday 10th of November participants gathered for a program on Tackling Hate Speech organised by the Council of Christians and Jews Victoria (CCJ) and the Online Hate Prevention Institute (OHPI). The two hour...

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Jun 2019
Late on Tuesday night, 4 June 2019, Australia was admitted as the thirty-third membership of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) following a unanimous vote of the plenary in Luxembourg. This has been a...

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Apr 2019
On the last day of the Jewish festival of Passover, on the Sabbath as the Jewish community of Poway near San Diego in California was gathered in prayer, a gunman with an AR-type assault...

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Mar 2019
We’ve been seeing an increase in the spread of fake news and conspiracy theories. Many of these conspiracy theories spread hate against particular groups in society. They then portray any effort to prevent this...

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Jul 2018
IT was back on October 16, 2008, when I gave advice a to Jewish activist about to be interviewed by a German newspaper on the topic of anti-Semitism in social media. “In Germany you...

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