Sep 2021
On Friday John T. Earnest, the terrorist responsible for the 2019 attack on the Poway Synagogue in California, pled guilty to 113 Federal Hate Crimes. The announcement from the United States Department of Justice...

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Apr 2021
When researching extremism, particularly online extremism, one needs to be conscious of many layers of depth. Peeling that onion takes time, effort and expertise. Experts are needed to raise the alarm when there is...

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Mar 2021
The Online Hate Prevention Institute warmly welcomes the report of the Inquiry into anti-vilification protections which was tabled today in the Victorian Parliament. The Inquiry undertook extensive consultation. Committee members were deeply engaged and...

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Dec 2020
The World Union of Jewish Students (WUJS) held its 2020 conference online due to COVID. We were please to be invited to participate in a panel on the topic of “Online Hate and Antisemitism”...

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Nov 2020
On Friday 20 November our CEO, Dr Andre Oboler, served as the panelist for Civil Society in the UN’s 13th Session of the Forum on Minority Issues. The session this year focused on “Hate...

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