Facebook and Instagram take down bishop stabbing videos

Andre Oboler, CEO of OHPI, spoke with The Daily Telegraph (paywalled article) about the recent stabbing in Sydney.

“I shared how mainstream social media platforms were used to lure people to other platforms and online spaces where more extreme content is shared and radicalisation occurs.

“In light of the Middle East conflict, we’ve seen a shift in violent extremism. We’ve been monitoring both antisemitism and Islamohpobia and I have seen a shift from general incitement like ‘Kill the Jews’ and it’s being pushed to radical ideology so it will have the symbolism of neo-Nazis, symbolism of Hamas. It shows people are latching onto an ideology which allows them to search for more content and then find more content. Once people find a way in, it’s very easy to fall down the rabbit hole.”

I also shared how content on 4chan discussing the Bondi Junction attack included posts calling from the Christchurch attacker, Brendan Tarrant, to be freed. Our data showed a deliberate effort by one person on 4chan to promote disinformation with multiple posts by them pushing the false narrative that the Bondi Junction attack was carried out by a Jewish student.”