Sep 2021
On Friday John T. Earnest, the terrorist responsible for the 2019 attack on the Poway Synagogue in California, pled guilty to 113 Federal Hate Crimes. The announcement from the United States Department of Justice...

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Aug 2021
The Australian government must not only ban far-right groups, but also criminalise speech that incites violence in the name of ideological or religious extremism.

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Jan 2021
An Australia Day weekend camping trip in the Grampian Ranges by neo-Nazis has caused rising concern. In media coverage on this story today, our CEO, Dr Andre Oboler, was interviewed by ABC Australia’s The...

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Nov 2020
As countries globally continued to tackle COVID-19, for a while there it seemed that Islamist terrorism in the West had gone quiet. With ISIS losing its physical caliphate of Syria and Iraq last year,...

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Oct 2020
Throughout November 2020, the Online Hate Prevention Institute (OHPI) will be running a campaign that focusses on Countering Terrorism. Over many years now, OHPI has: supplied intelligence to police and security agencies, removed terrorist...

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