The Macquarie dictionary (Sixth Edition 2013) defines misogyny as:

noun 1.  hatred of women.

  1. entrenched prejudice against women.

OHPI stands against misogynistic speech made online particularly on social media. In particular, we campaign against rape jokes, threats and intimidation, slut-shaming, cyber-mobbing a woman to push her out of the discussion, and revenge porn.

Below is a list of our publications documenting, reporting and highlighting instances of online misogynist speech.



October 9, 2016: Misogyny and Politics

June 1, 2016: Trolling the AFL with racism and misogyny

January 21, 2016: Revenge Porn: What the law must do?

January 5, 2016: WIN: misogynistic bullying account terminated

January 3, 2016: Social Media Violence Against Women: Carla’s tale of a misogynistic bully 

January 10, 2016: Report Misogyny & Abuse on Twitter

Nov 24, 2015: Crossing the line on political speech

October 21, 2015: Some UPF supporters engage in extreme misogyny

August 31, 2015: Report YouTube video promoting violence against women 

June 21, 2015: Promoting Dylann Roof’s Extremism on Facebook

June 20, 2015: Facebook Fails to Protect Free Speech Against Hate

June 5, 2015: Restore Australia’s cyberbullying of Mariam Veiszadeh

June 5, 2015: Online Rants and Free Speech

June 5, 2015: Report “Rape Joke” Facebook group

May 8, 2015: Steps taken by Twitter to combat abuse

March 8, 2015: An experience of online violence against women (Australian feminist campaigner Caitlin Roper shares her experience of online misogyny)



September 29, 2013: Misogyny – Hate Against Women



November 24, 2015: Crossing the line on political speech

September 18, 2015: OHPI in the Jewish Taskforce Newsletter

March 24, 2015: Success! OHPI gets hate removed

March 7, 2015: Australian feminist shares her experience of online misogyny (press release)

December 15, 2014: New tool in fighting online hate (Australian Jewish News)

December 11, 2014: OHPI: Tracking down the data to combat online hate (The Big Smoke)

December 10, 2014: Hitting Back Against Hate (MX)

December 9, 2014: Fight Against Hate Launched (OHPI Press Release)

Council Bulletin (National Council of Jewish Women of Australia Ltd.) Misogyny and the Internet