• Cyberbullying

    The Macquarie Dictionary (Sixth Edition, 2013) defines a cyberbully as:  noun (plural cyberbullies)1.  a person who bullies another using email, chat rooms, social network sites, etc. –verb (t) (cyberbullied, […]

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  • Griefing

    The Macquarie Dictionary (Sixth Edition, 2013) defines griefing as: noun the sabotage of online computer games, virtual sites, etc., by players intent on causing havoc rather than abiding by […]

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  • Homophobia

    The Macquarie Dictionary (Sixth Edition Oct 2013) defines homophobia as: noun fear of homosexuals, usually linked with hostility towards them. OHPI stands against any homophobic speech expressed online: […]

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  • Misogyny

    The Macquarie dictionary (Sixth Edition 2013) defines misogyny as: noun 1.  hatred of women. OHPI stands against misogynistic speech made online particularly on social media. In particular, we […]

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  • Antisemitism

    (See also: Holocaust Denial) We use the IHRA Working Definition of Antisemitism from the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance to help recognise antisemitism. The definition is the entire text, […]

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