Revenge Pornography Study

The Online Hate Prevention Institute has been contacted by researchers at Bond University who are conducting a study into Revenge Pornography.  While the Online Hate Prevention Institute is not involved in this research, we believe it is important and encourage participation in the survey by people who are 18 or older and who have experienced naked pictures of themselves being shared without their consent.

Around 10% of Australian adults in a study by RMIT University reported an experience with revenge pornography. The same study found 37% of young women aged 18-19 and 25% of young men aged 18-19 experienced online sexual harassment. The study found that women experienced more abuse relating to their gender, while men experienced more abuse relating to their sexuality. 

While revenge pornography can affect anyone, it particularly prevalent as a form of online violence against women. We have discussed this previously in our work on online misogyny.  The problem of revenge pornography can lead to mental harm, self harm, and suicide. Governments are seeking to understand this problem better protect the community. Detailed research is an essential part of understanding and responding to the problem and the Online Hate Prevention Institute commends Bond University on this research and urges public participation.

Further information: Study-Invitation and Research Ethics Information Statement

Take part in the study here