Mar 2020
As part of our March 2020 campaign tackling racism against Indigenous Australians we have looked at Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. In this article we look at a second problematic Twitter account. The account “The Abowaffen Division” (@abodivision)...

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Jan 2020
UPDATE: Within a few days of publication of this briefing all three accounts listed below had been closed by Instagram Instagram has been growing rapidly since its launched in October 2010. By late 2014...

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Oct 2016
Misogyny, defined by the Oxford Dictionary as a “dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women” in the form of hate speech. Some in politics use hate speech, such as a racism and...

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Nov 2015
Australia does not have a bill of rights, or a broad concept of “freedom of speech”. What we do have is a narrow concept of freedom of political communication. This is a right enforced...

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Oct 2015
Counter speech, where hate speech is challenged by members of the public, is an important part of countering both online and real world hate. Engaging in counter speech can, however, make one a target....

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