Sep 2021
The Online Hate Prevention Institute (OHPI), Australia’s only national harm prevention charity dedicated to tackling all forms of online hate and extremism, welcomes the Victorian Government’s response to the inquiry into anti-vilification protections. For...

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Apr 2021
When researching extremism, particularly online extremism, one needs to be conscious of many layers of depth. Peeling that onion takes time, effort and expertise. Experts are needed to raise the alarm when there is...

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Mar 2021
The Online Hate Prevention Institute warmly welcomes the report of the Inquiry into anti-vilification protections which was tabled today in the Victorian Parliament. The Inquiry undertook extensive consultation. Committee members were deeply engaged and...

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Sep 2020
Aren’t you told you deserve to be urinated on and sexually abused every morning with your double-shot latte? If feminist writers such as Jezebel’s Lindy West are to be believed, trolling has become a...

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Aug 2020
It can be devastating reading about women in the public sphere being subjected to massive online waves of misogynistic abuse. The abuse often includes threats of murder and sexual violence – threats that are...

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