The Macquarie Dictionary (Sixth Edition Oct 2013) defines homophobia as:

noun fear of homosexuals, usually linked with hostility towards them.

OHPI stands against any homophobic speech expressed online: on social media, on discussion platforms, and on commentary sections of online media.


During the month of July we will be running a special campaign to combat online Homophobia and Transphobia.  The campaign aims to increase the focus on preventing this particular area of online hate. Special donations can be made to support this specific campaign and are welcome at any time.

Below is a list of our publications documenting, reporting and highlighting instances of online homophobic speech.


January 17, 2020: Andre Oboler, Mark Civitella, Nasya Bahfen, “Submission on Anti-Vilification Protections”


OHPI briefings tackle specific instances of online hate and are produced rapidly to respond to emerging problems.

July 17, 2020: A Myriad of Homophobic Messages on Facebook & Twitter

July 2, 2020: Homophobia on Twitter & Instagram

January 18, 2020: Instagram needs help

April 14, 2019: Free speech has limits because speech can cause harm.

September 27, 2017: Marriage Equality Postal Survey and Online Hate

September 11, 2017: Far-Right Trolls

September 8, 2017: Ultra Conservative Homophobia

September 7, 2017: Initial responses to #DebateWithoutHate

February 14, 2017: Neo-Nazi Group’s Poster Campaign in Melbourne

June 25, 2016: Religion and Homophobia

January 14, 2016: Report “EVOLVEFEST 2016” Event Page as Homophobic & Antisemitic

October 30, 2015: Facebook fails to remove Homophobic page

September 8, 2015: Report Homophobic Facebook page “No to Gay “Marriage”

August 11, 2015: Report “Stop the Straight Hate” Page

July 20, 2015: Report Facebook Page “Gays should be fit and muscular”

July 14, 2015: Report homophobic Facebook page “Resistance Against Sodomite Fascisti”

May 8, 2015: Steps taken by Twitter to combat abuse

January 22, 2014: Facebook apologises for homophobia

August 15, 2013: Twitter to be sued over #GaysMustDie

Commentary & Media Coverage

June 30, 2015: OHPI interviewed on Joy 94.9

December 15, 2014: New tool in fighting online hate (Australian Jewish News)

December 11, 2014: OHPI: Tracking down the data to combat online hate (The Big Smoke)

December 10, 2014: Hitting Back Against Hate (MX)

December 9, 2014: Fight Against Hate Launched (OHPI Press Release)