Report “EVOLVEFEST 2016” Event Page as Homophobic & Antisemitic

Sometimes hate can come from unexpected quarters.

In this briefing we discuss the event page for “Evolvefest 2016” [Facebook ID# 1476856122592092] on Facebook being hosted by a supposed new-age, spiritual group. The new world spirituality is just a front for promoting a hippy version of Christianity. In itself, that is not a problem. Unfortunately, they are using the event page to offend, insult and promote rejection of the gay community. Despite the morally superior tone used by the admin of the event page, the grossly insulting terms he uses to describe gay people are simply unacceptable.

The page is also promoting antisemitism.

Below we share some examples of the gross homophobia and antisemitism being promoted by the event page. Please report the items to both Facebook and to OHPI’s online hate reporting tool Instructions on how to the report items and the page have been shared below the examples.

Example 1:

Evolvefest 1476856122592092_postid 1698301043780931

View item here to report it.

Describing gay men as “men who have sex with other men’s rectums” dehumanises gay people.

Example 2:

Evolvefest fbid 1476856122592092 postid 1649999175277785

View item here to report it.

The second paragraph describes homosexuality as “Male-On-Male Fecal Sex Fetishism/Sodomy”. It serves no other purpose but to demean and insult gay people.

Example 3:

Evolvefest fbid 1476856122592092 postid 1698067077137661

View item here to report it.

Merely, linking up to pages that further spread misinformation and conspiracy theories about Zionism does not make the admin’s claim – that the page is not antisemitic – true. In this briefing, we explain in detail when and where anti-Zionism becomes antisemitic.

Example 4:

Evolvefest fbid1476856122592092 postid 1696928640584838

View item here to report it.

The video furthers white supremacist theories that white race is politically, intellectually and biologically superior to others. As the event page adds in the comment section, white people “should breed with other white people”.

Here are instructions on reporting the event page to Facebook.

  • Click on “…” on the top right hand corner of the page (Next to Invite).
  • Choose the option “Report Event”
  • Next, choose the option “Hate Speech”.
  • Choose the option “Targets based on gender or orientation.
  • Choose the option “Submit to Facebook for Review”

For instructions on reporting Facebook posts, click here.

Also report this event page and posts to OHPI’s independent online hate reporting system under the category of Homophobia and Antisemitism (subcategory: Israel-related Antisemitism). It will help us monitor how many times the video was reported by users before the company removed it.

You can sign into directly using your Facebook login. Alternatively, you can register using an email account. Instructions on how to register are here, and how to report items to the system are here.

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