Report Homophobic Facebook page “No to Gay “Marriage”

No to Gay Marriage facebook page

This briefing highlights the homophobic Facebook page No to Gay Marriage (ID 657612940934589) which has been online since July 1, 2013 and has 1,537 supporters.

Even though the page name suggests that it stands against gay marriage, it mainly promotes homophobia. In its About page, it states: “Homosexuality is a behavior, not an identity. There is no civil right to perversion. Focus, ambition and determination are needed to undermine the colossal behemoth of pro-aberosexual advocacy that has been unchallenged for too long.”

By equating homosexuality to a perversion, the page promotes classic homophobia. It dehumanises homosexuals by presenting their sexual orientation as unnatural and undesirable. However, a person’s sexual orientation is a part of a person’s inalienable identity, and in attacking that it crosses the line from a political page to a hate page. The page further presents homosexuality as a lifestyle choice, as something immoral and punishable as a sin, and also equates homosexuals to paedophiles.

In this briefing, we share three items from the page to illustrate its homophobic character. We then request you to report the page and its posts along with instructions on how to share it.

Examples from the page

Example 1: Calling homosexuality unnatural

 20150902 fbid 657612940934589 post id 830111043684777

View post here to report.

Example 2: Presenting homosexuality as a sin

 homosexuality as a sin

View post here to report.

Example 3: Conflating homosexuality to paedophilia

20150902 fbid 657612940934589 post id 10203188087883566 (1)

View post here to report.

Report this page

Please help us by taking a minute to report this group to Facebook. If enough people report it, Facebook will remove it.

Here are illustrated guides on how to report a Facebook pagepostcomment and image.

After reporting it to the platform (e.g. Facebook) we also request that you report these items to OHPI’s online hate reporting tool This will allow us to keep a count of how many times each item has been reported. You can of course also report other online hate to this system.

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