• Exit

    EXIT Australia is a non-profit organisation. Exit is a project of OHPI, founded in 2015 and merged into OHPI in 2023. Purpose Founded in 2015 we have prevented more […]

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  • International Engagement

    We regularly participate in international meetings, conferences, and coalitions tackling online hate and extremism. We are regularly engaged to undertake international work in support of the United Nations, […]

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  • Public Policy & Law Reform

    The Online Hate Prevention is regularly called upon by governments in Australia and overseas to advise on law reform matters related to online hate and extremism. We also […]

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  • Anti-Asian Racism

    Anti-Asian racism is a form of racism targeting people from Asia, those with Asian heritage, or those who are perceived to be Asian. It may be target Asians […]

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  • Transphobia

    Transphobia is hate speech against transgender people. It is part of cisgenderism, an umbrella term that collectively describes forms of systemic oppression that invalidate people’s own classifications and […]

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