Transphobia is hate speech against transgender people. It is part of cisgenderism, an umbrella term that collectively describes forms of systemic oppression that invalidate people’s own classifications and understanding of their genders and bodies.


July 2020 – Tackling Homophobia & Transphobia

Our July 2020 Campaign was a month long campaign tackling both Transphobia as well as Homophobia.


OHPI briefings tackle specific instances of online hate and are produced rapidly to respond to emerging problems.

3 August, 2020: Anti-Trans Abuse Online (Featured article)

2 August 2020: Unmasking Serious Trolling on Twitter

14 April, 2019: Free speech has limits because speech can cause harm 

7 September, 2017: Initial responses to #DebateWithoutHate

3 January, 2016: Social Media Violence Against Women: Carla’s tale of a misogynistic bully

13 August, 2015: External Resources on Cyberbullying

3 October, 2014: It’s time Facebook repents