With respect to the Internet, The Macquarie Dictionary (Sixth Edition, 2013) defines a troll as: 


/troʊl/ (say trohl)

verb (t)

  1. Internet to behave in the manner of a troll.

noun 13.  the act of trolling.

  1. Internet
    a.  someone who, protected by online anonymity, posts messages in a discussion forum, chat room, etc., which are designed to disrupt the normal flow of communication by being inflammatory or puzzling.
    b.  such a message.

[Middle English trollen roll, stroll, from Old French troller, from Middle High German trollen; def. 16 variant of trawl, from the notion that originally people in a chat room identified newbies by asking questions that only a newbie would take seriously]
troller, noun

OHPI specifically focuses on trolling that is related to causing reputational damage, encouraging self-harm, threats and intimidation, and spreading hate about a person or community.

Campaign (August 2020) – Combating Online Trolling

During the month of August we will be running a special campaign to combat online Trolling.  The campaign aims to increase the focus on preventing this particular area of online hate. Special donations can be made to support this specific campaign and are welcome at any time.

Below is a list of our publications documenting, reporting and highlighting instances of online racist speech. 


OHPI briefings tackle specific instances of online hate and are produced rapidly to respond to emerging problems.

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October 5, 2013: The problem of cyberbullying trolls

Commetary & Media Coverage

September 21, 2015: OHPI in the BBC News

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