WIN: misogynistic bullying account terminated


Yesterday we shared Carla’s tale of a misogynistic bully. Over 730 of you helped us share the story far and wide. Thank you for your support for Carla and of our work in exposing this hate.

At the Online Hate Prevention Institute we have a policy against publishing the personal details, including names and photographs, of those who abuse others online. We believe sharing such details runs a risk of a response against the hater which is may be worse than anything they could have posted. As the only Harm Prevention Charity dedicated to the problem of online hate, we’re here to prevent problems like self harm and suicide, not to create situations such harm can occur.

This doesn’t mean we let those causing others harm off the hook. What means is that we believe using the right channels. That can include sharing identifying details of those responsible with police or with platform providers. In this case we e-mailed both Facebook and Twitter with details of the multiple accounts belonging to the person behind the abuse.

On one of these account the person had not only admitted to what they had done, but expressed no remorse at all.


We’re please to let or supporters know that Facebook had closed the account concerned. We thank Facebook for taking this action, and congratulate Carla for shining a light on it.


Thank you all for your support. If you would like to help us in other cases, please join our mailing list and check your are a supporter on Facebook. We also welcome donations which are tax deductible in Australia.

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