Campaign to Counter Online Trolling

Throughout August 2020, the Online Hate Prevention Institute (OHPI) will be running a campaign to counter Online Trolling.

OHPI stands against any Trolling expressed online: through the use of social media, discussion platforms or on commentary sections of online media.

Since 2013, OHPI has produced a number of briefings and commentary on countering Serious Trolling.

Join us by taking action! You can help the campaign in a number of ways:

  • Share this article on social media and with people and organisations who would support this work
  • Support and share our fundraiser to further enhance the campaign
  • Report examples of online Trolling to platforms hosting it (ie. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube)
  • Help us report the items we highlight in campaign articles
  • Anti-hate organisations, particularly those who work in the area of countering online Trolling, are invited to become supporters of the campaign – we need your logo and an article from you that says who you are and your thoughts / experiences regarding online Trolling.
  • Companies and foundations are invited to become sponsors, these funds along with donations will be used to take the campaign further.

About the Online Hate Prevention Institute:

The Online Hate Prevention Institute is Australia’s only harm prevention charity dedicated to preventing the harm to people as a result of online hate and extremism. We deal with all forms of online hate and our work on other topics can be accessed from our homepage. Funds from this campaign will be used to tackle online Trolling. Donations can also be made to support our other campaigns planned for 2020, and general donations are particularly appreciated.

You can also connect with us by joining over 24,000 people who like our Facebook page, following us on Twitter, and joining our mailing list.

Campaign Partners:

Organisations that work to counter Online Trolling are invited to join the campaign as a partner. Contact us for details.

Campaign Summary

1 August – Campaign launched

2 August – Published Briefing: Unmasking Serious Trolling on Twitter

  • In the latest briefing from OHPI, we seek to shed light on the shameful practice of online trolling.
  • The briefing uses examples from Twitter that are directed at public identities. Yet serious trolling continues to be disseminated across all social media platforms, and affects both private citizens and public personalities of all genders, backgrounds, careers, religions, and sexual orientations.

5 August – OHPI Facebook post of news article about Trolling:  Leigh Sales showed us the abuse women cop online. When are we going to stop tolerating misogyny?

10 August – OHPI Facebook post of news article about Trolling: Death Threats Are Indeed an Everyday Occurrence” – John Millman Voices Against Cyber-Bullying in Tennis

12 August – OHPI Facebook post of news article about Trolling: Social media trolling affects almost a third of elite British sportswomen, BBC Sport survey finds

13 August – OHPI Facebook post of news article about Trolling: NRL to refer social media trolls directly to police as Ryan Papenhuyzen reveals death threats from fans

18 August – OHPI Facebook post of news article about Trolling: Twitter users can now control who replies to their tweet

19 August – Published briefing: Political Trolling and Suicide Incitement on Twitter

  • Trolls will go to any extreme in their vicious pursuit to harm. Their aim is to incite chaos and their words are destructive, even to the point of inciting people to end their lives through suicide.
  • This briefing clearly shows the appalling hate speech, misogyny and suicide incitement used by trolls.
  • It explores two prominent female American political figures on opposite sides of the political spectrum, and the frequent misogynistic and hateful content targeting them. It also examines the hateful taunts that are used by trolls to drive individuals to suicide.

21 August – OHPI Facebook post of news article about Trolling: Anthony Seibold rumours: Erin Molan fires up at online trolls

25 August – Published briefing: Books That Inspire Us to Stand Up Against Online Misogyny

  • Much of online trolling is directed towards women. Aggressive, nasty misogynistic comments are aimed to inflict the greatest harm.
  • The latest briefing from OHPI shares 5 books that tap into the strength and resilience of women who continue to make a stand against online misogyny.

1 September – Published briefing: Trolling: the Modern-Day Coliseum

  • The final article in our August campaign looks at the need for legislative action to put a stop to vicious and frequent online trolling.
  • Rather than dismissing messages from trolls as harmless banter or satire, we now need to recognise the impact of these messages and the emotional and psychological distress they cause.