Monthly Campaigns for 2020

As we enter our 9th year tackling online hate extremism we are pleased to announce a new approach with monthly campaigns focused on specific areas of online hate. While we will continue to address these and other areas of online hate throughout the year, our focused campaigns will enable forward planning, opportunities for volunteers and partnerships with other organisations.

Below is the campaign schedule with details of what will occur within each campaign and how to get involved in supporting them. A fundraiser will be available to help us enhance the current month’s campaign, and a separate fund raiser will be available for the following month’s campaign. There is also a link for fundraising to support each campaign theme this is available throughout the year. Funds donated towards tackling a specific type on hate will be spent on work related to that type of hate. General donations for use at OHPI’s discretion on these or other themes are particularly welcome.

Campaigns Schedule

February: Holocaust denial, distortion and glorification

March: Racism against Indigenous Australians

April: Islamophobia

May: Misogyny

June: Antisemitism

July: Homophobia and Transphobia

  • Support our work tackling Homophobia and Transphobia
  • A fundraiser to support our July campaign on Homophobia and Transphobia will be open from the start of June
  • The campaign page will be released at the start of July
  • See all our work on Homophobia. A page on our work tackling transphobia (going back to 2012) will be added as part of this campaign.

August: Countering Trolling

September: Racism and Xenophobia

October: Anti-Christian Vilification

November: Countering Terrorism

December: Cyber bullying

Scaling Up the Campaigns

The campaigns all start at the same level, but are designed to scale up if there are resources to support this:

Campaign budget Output
Starting Level
  • A fundraiser on Facebook which also raises awareness of the problem
  • A campaign page on our website
  • A discussion article on this type of online hate
  • 2 articles documenting examples of this hate and enabling public reporting
  • Configuration of the Fight Against Hate reporting tool to take reports of this kind of hate and a post encouraging this reporting
From $1000 As above, plus…
  • An additional article documenting examples and encouraging reporting
  • An advertising campaign to encourage reporting of this hate
  • An article reflecting on what’s been reported by campaign supporters
From $2000 And 500+ reports As above plus…
  • An empirical report looking at what was reported during the month
  • All reported content will be archived to enable future research
  • Promotion of the report via social media
From $5000 And 500+ reports As above plus…
  • An update to the report each month for 3 months documenting what is removed and what remains online
  • Each month there will be an article looking at some of the examples which the platforms are refusing to remove and a campaign encouraging further public reporting and media coverage of these examples
From $8000 And 500+ reports As above plus…
  • The final report will be produced in hardcopy and copies sent to key stakeholders such as federal and state ministers to help raise awareness.

Getting involved

Individual supporters: Each campaign can be supported with a donation at any time using the donate button on the campaign announcement on Facebook (links above). The month before the campaign starts there will also be a fundraising campaign to get to the next level and to raise awareness of the forthcoming campaign. You can also sign up to be a volunteer for a particular campaign.

Partner Organisations: If you represent an organisation relevant to a campaign you can contact us about becoming a partner for that campaign. Partners will have their logos included on the campaign’s main page and will be consulted on campaign contents such as articles or reports. If an empirical report is produced their logo will be listed as a partner. Partners are required to promote the campaign e.g. via e-mail and on social media. OHPI would be happy to work with partners on other initiatives as part of the campaign, such as having community or public events.

Campaign Sponsors: We welcome donations from individuals, companies, government and community organisations as campaign sponsorship. Sponsors who donate $500 or more will have their name and/or logo listed on the campaign’s main page and will receive a certificate of thanks. Sponsors who donate $2000 or more will be acknowledged as major sponsors with a larger name and / or logo on the campaign main page and on any empirical report produced as part of the campaign.

General Sponsors: A company, government or community organisation that donates $15,000 or more to the Online Hate Prevention Institute will be treated as a major sponsor for all campaigns (subject to their agreement). Major sponsorship can also be secured via a grant of $20,000 (inc. GST) for the purpose of supporting the campaign series and meeting the grant reporting requirements.