The Online Hate Prevention Institute carries out a significant amount of work countering terrorism and violent extremism. Our work supplies intelligence to police and security agencies, removes terrorist material and contributes to both the public policy of governments and the corporate policies of technology platforms.


During the month of November we will be running a special campaign to counter Terrorism.  The campaign aims to increase the focus on preventing this particular area of online hate. Special donations can be made to support this specific campaign and are welcome at any time.

Much of our work in this space is not public and is released as confidential reports to relevant agencies. Our public work in this space is listed below and may be shared.  


December 19, 2019: Hate And Violent Extremism From An Online Subculture: The Yom Kippur Terrorist Attack In Halle, Germany

April 28, 2019: San Diego Synagogue Attack

March 16, 2019: New Zealand Terrorist Attack

November 9, 2018: Bourke Street Attack November 2018

December 21, 2017: Car Attack in Flinders Street Melbourne

January 19, 2015: Je Suis Humain: Responsible free speech in the shadow of the Charlie Hebdo murders


OHPI briefings tackle specific instances of online hate and are produced rapidly to respond to emerging problems.

March 18, 2020: Mein Kampf on Sale

March 21, 2019:   Responding to Christchurch: Tackling Online Hate and Extremism

January 15, 2018: The Far-Right on African Youth

December 19, 2017: Twitter getting tougher on hate

November 9, 2017: Far Right Harassment of Senator Sam Dastyari

September 11, 2017: The far-right trolls

April 18, 2017: Nathan Sykes an Australian Troll

March 23,2017: Press Release: A climate of terror and fear

February 14, 2017: Nazi Group’s Poster Campaign in Melbourne

January 22, 2016: Violent Extremism on the rise in Australia

July 26, 2016: A reply to Neil Erikson on Islamist Extremism

July 26, 2016: The Far-Right on Social Media

July 17, 2016: Online Hate and Violence

March 13, 2016: OHPI closes new Australian Nazi group Battalion88

January 15, 2016: Online Incitement

January 6, 2016: Daesh (ISIS) lies about Islam on Social Media

January 5, 2016: Shurat Hadin Facebook experiment on Kill Israelis and Kill Palestinians

January 11, 2016: Trusting social media companies on national security

November 14, 2015: Response to attacks on Paris and Beirut

September 11, 2015: Sept 11 and today’s rising anti-Muslim hate

September 7, 2015: OHPI’s work get a positive mention in the Victorian Parliament

August 23, 2015: Bigots target OHPI

August 14, 2015: Terror Hacking

August 6, 2015: The danger of the Australian Far-Right

July 28, 2015: E-mail with a Reclaimer

July 18,2015: Melbourne Rally Against Racism

June 21, 2015: Promoting Dylann Roof’s Extremism on Facebook

May 22, 2015: Prof. Wistrich on Antisemitism in 2015

April 22, 2015: Attacking the ANZACs in the lead up to Centenary

December 19, 2015: Facebook experiments with Australia

December 14, 2014: The Indian response to @shamiwitness and the abuse of social media

November 5, 2014: Hate Among Friends

September 27, 2014: Squadron 88 Returns

September 14, 2014: The Mosque at Currumbin

August 4, 2014: Calls to kill on Facebook

June 27, 2014: Loving Nazis and Hating Muslims

May 10, 2014: Social Media connects Far Right Groups

May 10, 2014: Golden Dawn Australia Update

May 8, 2014: Golden Dawn’s Australian Fascists

May 7, 2014: Social Media, Golden Dawn and Australia’s Far-Right 

Commentary& Media Coverage

Some recent coverage in 2019 includes:

July 18, 2015: Melbourne Rally Against Racism

July 14, 2015: Don’t give in to extremism


July 28, 2015 – Reclaiming Australia from bigots

Community Engagement

November 30, 2015: OHPI at the Executive Council of Australian Jewry’s AGM

August 31, 2015: OHPI attends the ADC Gandel annual oration