Mar 2020
A project jointly run by the NSW, Victorian and South Australian state governments has been advertised along side a terrorist manifesto advocating the killing of Jews, Muslims and Christians. The Online Hate Prevention Institute...

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Nov 2018
This article is referred to in OHPI’s Annual Report for the 2016 Financial Year. Return to the Report. Background At around 4:10 pm on Friday the 9th of November a car was driven into shops...

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Dec 2017
On December 21st 2017 a car deliberately drove through pedestrians outside Flinders Street Station in Melbourne. 19 people were injured and one later died in hospital. The driver was known to police and had...

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Jul 2016
BREAKING: You can now report problematic PokeStops and Gyms to the Online Hate Prevention Institute via FightAgainstHate.com   Since the launch of pokemon go on Wednesday last week there have been a number of concerns raised...

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Jan 2016
A major terrorist attack is taking place in Jakarta, Indonesia. No doubt, it will be used by far-right groups to foment fear and anti-Muslim hate in Australia. We advice everyone to remain vigilant against such hate...

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