Discussing Nazi tactics and counter-tactics with The New Daily

The New Daily have published an article talking to various experts, including our CEO, Dr Andre Oboler, on why the Nazis infiltrated an anti-trans rally in Melbourne and what we can do about it. As the opinions in the article highlight, we can respond with anarchy or with law and police reform.

Extract 1: “These extremists are not trying to change the political landscape, but rather to project strength and group cohesion as a recruitment drive.. The optics of them [Nazis] being protected by Victorian police does not look good” – Associate Prof. Josh Roose

Extract 2: “We need to tackle the spread of the underlying ideology. Other countries have laws that ban the glorification of Nazism and use of Nazi symbols. They give police the discretion to determine when actions may breach such laws, and let the courts judge the breaches. We should do the same.” – Dr Andre Oboler

Extract 3: “The brutality and over-reach of law enforcement and government officials often enflame the anxieties that fascists use to recruit with. We need to stop daydreaming that more laws will fix the problem of these scumbags for us. We need a healthier, organised, activist left. Anti-fascists need to bind together and show up more because we ruined the patriot movement, which was enormous, so yes, we can definitely annihilate a scattering of violent neo-Nazis, too.” –

Analysis: In front of us are Nazis. Between us and them are police. On one side is anarchy, a rejection of a system that failed to uphold the values of the community on Saturday. On the other side is democracy, the rule of law, and an urgent need to reform the law and police to keep the social contract intact.

The full article is: George Hyde, “Why are neo-Nazis infiltrating public rallies in Australia?” The New Daily, 20 March 2023