10,000+ people support OHPI

Last month, as part of PayPal Australia’s support for the eSafety Commissioner’s Safer Internet Day initiatives, the Online Hate Prevention Institute was featured in PayPal’s Give At Checkout, fundraising homepage and in the PayPal consumer app and account.

This helped increase awareness of our mission to prevent online hate and protect communities and offered PayPal customers a quick and easy way to support our work. In response, more than 10,000 PayPal customers chose to make a donation.

“We are pleased that so many PayPal customers are now aware of the important work done by the Online Hate Prevention Institute, and better yet, that they chose to make a donation in support of that work,” said PayPal Australia CEO Eric Lassen.

“The need to reduce the risk of harm to Australians from online behaviour has never been greater, so we were proud to support the Online Hate Prevention Institute on their 10th anniversary, and the eSafety Commissioner on Safer Internet Day on 8 February.”

Dr Andre Oboler,  CEO of the Online Hate Prevention Institute, thanked PayPal, “This significant support from PayPal means a lot to us. We’re tackling a huge problem that impacts all Australians, and being able to reach so many people, and seeing them get behind what we do, it’s a real boost. We sincerely thank everyone who has given us their support.”

Donations to support the Online Hate Prevention Institute can be made via our page on the PayPal fundraising site.