Rising global recognition of the danger of online hate and its contribution to deadly terrorist attacks in 2019 has highlighted the urgent need for more to be done.

The Online Hate Prevention Institute (OHPI) was established in 2012 with the expressed purpose of combating online hate in its many forms.  The Institute has recently gone through a period of reducing costs which has diminished our capacity for action.  However, we are now looking to expand our level of engagement to meet the rising threat.  We are therefore pleased to announce the appointment of a Communications Officer to assist in our future operations. 

Mr Peter Maloney-Ford brings a wealth of experience to the role of OHPI’s Communications Officer. Peter has worked for many years in Secondary Education, serving in areas such as Marketing, Publications, Archives, Multi-Media Support & Event Management. He recently stepped-down as Manager of Educational Services & Public Relations at Minaret College. Peter has had the unique career opportunity of working for five different faith-based schools: three Christian Denominational Schools, a Jewish College and an Islamic College. 

As part of his new role, Peter will work directly with our stakeholders, donors, volunteers and the media.  He has already assisted OHPI in meetings with the Federal Government and community education programs. He will also assist with OHPI’s major projects and activities. 

As we expand our activities to meet the urgent demand it is important we are able to meet the associated costs. We welcome donations of any amount to support our work, as well as opportunities for partnerships to fund specific projects in collaboration with others. We welcome donations via the PayPal Giving Fund at:

Donations through the PayPAl Giving Fund will result in 100% of your donation going to OHPI with no processing fees or administrative work for OHPI. Your donations will still be tax deductible and you will receive a tax deductible receipt from the PayPal Giving Fund.

For 7 years now, OHPI has been active in its role of preventing online hate. There is now an increased recognition for the specialised work we do, particularly from mainstream media. Over the past year there has been a significant rise in the number of media reports where OHPI has played an integral role, either through direct quotes or one-on-one interviews with our CEO, Dr Andre Oboler.  OHPI has featured in print-news, radio and television 37 times since the beginning of 2019, with 10 of these appearances on radio/television. Our views & research are being actively sought and are influencing government, technology companies and other stakeholders.  The ‘work we do’ will continue to play an increasingly pivotal role in the fight against online hatred. We’re proud of our impact and pleased to be rising to meet the growing challenge and to have Peter on board for these developments.

We value your ongoing support for this important work.