Gaming Facebook


An effort yesterday to “game” Facebook in order to attack OHPI failed miserably. The effort highlighted that some flaws in the Facebook reporting system, which we hoped had been resolved by now, are still very much alive issue. The attack on OHPI failed because OHPI is known to Facebook, and we have direct communication channels with senior staff at Facebook. Once the manipulation of Facebook was brought to their attention Facebook responded promptly and took corrective action. We’d like to thank Facebook for their assistance.

This is the third time OHPI have worked with Facebook to correct such manipulations. The last two involved OHPI assisting other anti-hate organisations whose pages had been sanctioned and whose staff has their personal accounts suspended. Facebook’s position is very clear, the use of Facebook to campaign against online hate (on Facebook or elsewhere) is not only permitted by Facebook but encouraged. When these mistakes happen, Facebook does reversed sanctions that have been made, and we do thank them for this. At the same time we continue to seek ways to prevent manipulation of the reporting system and continue to call on Facebook to improve its accuracy and robustness.