Governance of NGOs conference

11885192_892012770875946_3379593876047673682_n On, August 12, 2015, the Online Hate Prevention Institute attended a conference on Governance of NGOs organised by the Jewish Community Council of Victoria.

Good governance is  imperative for NGOs like the OHPI that depends on donations and public engagement to meet its goals. Good intentions need to be supported by rules, responsibilities and accountability that helps us maintain direction and focus.

We take our responsibility seriously. Our corporate governance structure is immaculate. Our Board of Directors includes people with expertise from different fields including law, accounting, media, technology and entertainment. Our Board meets regularly to take stock of where the management is headed, whether due diligence and best practices are met or not. We also make sure that our accounts are audited regularly. As we depend on donations to run our operation, this is our way of ensuring accountability.

At the seminar, we further learnt how to institutionalise accountability within our organisation today, how to manage conflict of interest, what other legal requirements bound us, and how to find a balance between our larger goals and mission and our everyday operations.