How to… Secure Facebook

There are two primary recommendations for securing your Facebook account:

First access the security settings on your Facebook Dashboard


Login Notifications

Enable login notifications to receive an alert whenever your Facebook account is accessed from an unknown device.

Step 1

  • Click Login Notifications to drop down the login notification options


Step 2

  • Select if you want to be notified by Email or by Text message
  • Click Save Changes to activate login notifications

Login Approvals

Use the Facebook smartphone app to enable two-step authentication

Step 1

  • Click Login Approvals to drop down the login approval options


You will be shown the following prompt when you first set up login approvals.


  • Click Get Started

Step 2

  • Select whether or not you have a standard Apple or Android smartphone


  • Ensure that you have installed the Facebook app on your smartphone
    • install it through the Apple App Store for Apple devices
    • install it through the Google Play Store for Android devices


  • Click Continue

Step 3

  • Follow the instructions to activate the Facebook Code Generator on your smartphone


  • Click Continue

Step 4

  • Input the generated code into the following prompt*
    *Facebook generates new codes every 30 seconds for security purposes


  • Click Continue once your code has been accepted

Step 5

You will now be given the option to set up a backup security code delivery system using text messaging instead of the Facebook app

  • Click Continue to set up security code delivery


  • Specify your country code and mobile phone number


  • Click Continue

Step 6

You should receive a text message with a confirmation code to your designated phone

  • Enter the confirmation code from your text message
  • Click Confirm

Step 7

  • Select whether you want to receive your first approval code now, or later*
    *if you tick the checkbox you will need to approve your login immediately


  • Click Close to complete changes to your security settings

You can now view your Login Approval information in your Facebook security settings