OHPI at FWD 2015

12241762_936285776448645_3325055350294419291_nOn November 19 & 20, OHPI participated in FWD 2015, a conference on online campaigning. It brought together different community organisations across Australia to discuss to get the best results possible from our online campaigns. OHPI conducted an open session at the conference, discussing the work that we do and soliciting suggestions from the audience on how we can further optimise our online campaigning activities.

The speakers at the conference included Alicia Garzia, the co-founder of the the intensely successful #BlackLivesMatter campaign in the US; Anat Shenker Osorio, a communications expert, researcher and political pundit; Jim Gillian of the community organising platform NationBuilder. There were a number of smaller sessions over the two days that looked at multimedia storytelling, different ways of measuring impact, code literacy, building and empowering small groups through digital and more.