Operation Crystal

Fight Online Bad Guys, make a real world Impact! Join an exclusive team in a 24 hour, in-person, cyber-warfare operation against antisemitism. Saturday night, 14th of March and Sunday 15th of March.



This weekend a group of young people, aged 18 to 35, will spend 24 hour at a cutting edge event tackling online antisemitism in a real and practical way.

Experts from the Online Hate Prevention Institute will provide training, and work with participants to track down online antisemitic content in social media from the far right, the far left, antisemitic terrorist groups, and more. The items that are found will be reported to OHPI’s “Fight Against Hate Software”.

The collated data from this event will be used for a major report for the Global Forum to Combat Antisemitism. The report will highlight the problem of antisemitism across social media sites, and the difficulties is getting it dealt with by platform providers in a timely manner.

Participants will also hear from guests speakers around the world via skype and enjoy plenty of food, including a pancake breakfast. This weekend is also the “In One Voice” festival, and participants will take a break from tackling the dark side of the Internet on behalf of the community to enjoy the festival.

Places are still available to participate in the event and make a real difference in the fight against global antisemitism. Australia may be on the other side of the world from the deadly events in Europe earlier this year, but we have some of the leading global experts in tackilng online antisemitism, and this is chance to join a world leading effort on the cutting edge of the fight against the online hate that fuels such violence.

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Operation Crystal is part of a global effort against online antisemitism. The data collected will form part of the Spotlight on Antisemitism campaign, which is an effort to gather many examples of antisemitism on the major social media platforms ahead of the Global Forum to Combat Antisemitism in Jerusalem later this year. While Operation Crystal is limited to people aged 18 to 35, everyone is welcome to participate in the Spotlight on Antisemitism campaign.