Recap 2015: Online engagement


In our Recap 2015 series, we look back at some of our major achievements during the year.

OHPI has a significant online presence. Our Facebook page currently has over 20,000 supporters, 80.4% of them are from Australia. Over a recent 28 day period over 4,600 people engaged with our Facebook page and more than 90% of these were from Australia. Our reach in this period was over 85,000 people. We also continue to be active on Twitter where we have made 2,559 Tweets (up from 1,290 Tweets a year ago) and we have 635 followers (up from 336 a year ago).

Our website was viewed by over 66,000 people during the financial year, an increase of over 173% on the previous financial year. The number of new people we reached increased from 24,098 in the 2014 financial year to 65,724 for the current financial year. 56% of sessions on our website are from Australia, indicating that while our core audience is Australian, we are also being looked at internationally.

Over 40% of the traffic to our website originates from social media. This highlights the success of our work building an online community, and the result of the shares our briefings are attracting. It is a significant increase on last year when only 26% of our traffic came from social media. We have also increased our traffic from search engines which account for a further 27.5% of our traffic (up from 24%).

Our online engagement implements our goal of promoting the prevention of abuse and better control of abusive behaviour by creating an online community, open to the public, that is active in controlling abusive behaviour, namely the spreading of online hate, through monitoring, reporting and engagement with service providers. Our online engagement also provides the dissemination of our publications and furthers our goal to promote the prevention of abuse and better control of abusive behaviour through education, research, and by stimulating debate on online hate, the prevention of online hate, and on the link between online hate and emotional and physical abuse.

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