Jul 2019
Following our reports Facebook have removed content promoting Holocaust distortion and antisemitism. The same source also promotes anti-Christian hate.

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Jul 2015
A few days ago, an antisemitic Facebook community Yorkshire Anti Communists (ID 104387733236839) was reported to our online hate reporting tool, FightAgainstHate.com. It had been online since June 22, 2015 and had amassed 375...

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May 2015
Online Hate Prevention Institute, “Online Antisemitism: Meeting the Challenge“, May 11, 2015, The Big Smoke, http://thebigsmoke.com.au/2015/05/11/online-antisemitism-meeting-the-challenge/  The Sydney-based online magazine The Big Smoke publishes an article on OHPI’s soon to be released report “Online Antisemitism:...

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Mar 2015
Originally published as: OHPI,  Spotlight on Antisemitism – Illuminating the nature of hate, March 31, 2015, The Big Smoke, http://thebigsmoke.com.au/2015/03/31/spotlight-antisemitism-illuminating-nature-hate/ The recent terrorist attacks in Europe targeting Jewish establishments have brought the issue of proliferating...

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Nov 2014
Lady Diamond, Anti-Hate Campaigner at the Online Hate Prevention Institute, is back and she is tackling online antisemitism this time. In the third in our series of educational videos, Lady Diamond debunks the antisemitic...

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