Training Exercise

This material is provided as part of an activity for the “The Rising Online Hate from COVID-19” training provided by the Online Hate Prevention Institute in conjunction with the Council of Christians and Jews (Victoria) and the La Trobe LawTech group at La Trobe University.

Part 1

Each of the Facebook posts below is from the “Nationalist Alternative Australia”, an Australian White Nationalist group. The group is has a documented history of promoting hate against Asians, Muslims, and Jews. Given Facebook has a policy against hosting White Nationalist groups, it should be closed.

Even in a hate group, not every post crosses the line into hate. In your breakout group, examine the examples below and discuss:

  • Is the post hate speech? (yes / no)
  • If it is hate speech:
    • Who is it targeting?
    • What hate narrative is it promoting?
  • If it is not hate speech:
    • What is the non-hate narrative it is promoting?
    • What makes this narrative ok?

Please have someone in your group take notes so you can report back to the larger group.

Item 1
Item 2

The link for item 2 is here.

Item 3
Item 4

The link for item 4 is here.

Item 5
Item 6

The link for item 6 is here.

Item 7

The link for item 7 is here.

Part 2

Item 8
Item 9
Item 10
Item 11
Item 12
Item 13
Item 14

Part 3

Pick one of these pages and see if you can find and then capture an item of hate.