Volunteering Opportunity!

The Online Hate Prevention Institute is seeking volunteers to assist both our general efforts tackling online hate and with each of our campaigns for 2020. 

A range of skills are needed and there are opportunities to contribute to this important work in a number of different ways. If you can contribute at least 8 hours a month and are interested in any of the roles below, please contact peter@ohpi.org.au. Volunteers will carry out their work with us online, there is no need to travel and the opportunity is open to all our supporters globally.

We are also happy to coordinate with and provide training and support to staff and/or volunteers from partner organisations supporting our campaigns.

News Analysts

These volunteers will find and draft summaries of online news articles about online hate and efforts to tackle it. The summaries will be shared publicly by OHPI.

Researchers and Writers

Volunteer researchers and writers will find, document and write about examples of online hate across a range of platforms. Some will focus on specific types of hate, for example supporting a campaign, while others may become experts in a particular platform.

Artists and Graphics Designers

Each of our campaigns involves publishing multiple articles online. These articles are promoted with graphics to draw in the reader’s attention. We invite artists and designers to help us create the images we need to promote our campaigns and other work.


Assisting our volunteer writers, our sub-editors will review draft articles and work to improve their readability. Experience writing or editing is essential for this role, though that experience may be at any level from student papers through to professional journalism. 

Sponsorship Team Members

Volunteers in the sponsorship team will seek to secure funding to sponsor OHPI’s campaigns. Regular Sponsorship of a campaign is $500 and Major Sponsorship is $2,000. These funds will allow larger and more impactful campaigns.

Partnership Team Members

The Partnership Team will contact relevant organisations and groups (including on social media) inviting them to partner in our campaigns. They will manage the relationship with these partners and seek to build synergies that increase the impact of our joint efforts tackling online hate.