Anti-Semitic Flyers Distributed in Sydney Again; Neo-Nazi Group Wants Jews Out of Australia (VIDEO)

the algemeinerPublished in The Algemeiner on September 29, 2014:

The Australian Online Hate Prevention Institute (OPHI) is charging that a fringe neo-Nazi group is again distributing crude anti-semitic flyers in the Sydney area, after a previous episode of such behavior shocked that city’s Jewish residents.

Entitled, “The world’s foremost problem,” the new antisemitic flier by the group, “Squadron 88,” is based on the subtitle of Henry Ford’s “The International Jew,” the English language version of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion which first brought that antisemitic forgery to prominence in the United States and the English speaking world, OPHI said in a statement on their website.

In reply to an email from The Algemeiner, an anonymous member of the group said the cell was founded ”A little over 4 months ago,” and claimed they were not a small organization.

“We by no means have small numbers, however we dont talk exact numbers,” the group member said.

Vowing to ”Bring back white Australia,” when asked “what should be done with the Jews of Australia?” he replied, ”We dont care what happens to them as long as they are not here.”

When then asked if they believed Jews should be allowed to live in Israel, the individual replied that ”Israel was created  based on holocaust lies, we do not recognise Israel as a state, however  as long as  they are not in Australia…”

The flier, according to OPHI, depicted Squadron 88 as “a group that will do what needs to be done for white Australia.” 88 is white supremacist shorthand for Heil Hitler (H being the 8th letter of the alphabet).

On Aug. 25th, residents of a predominantly Jewish street in the city’s suburb of Bondi, told The Algemeiner that they were “disgusted” to awaken to anti-Semitic flyers that were slipped under their doors overnight.

The pamphlets were hand delivered in mail boxes and included classic tropes about Jews controlling the media and being responsible for “race mixing” and “drug abuse.”

“Jews have been kicked out of countries 109 times through history,” the flyer claimed, “Could it be that having them in a European country is harmful to the host?”

The message also included a reference to a renowned neo-Nazi community website.

Abraham Blasenstein, a Jewish resident of Bondi who received the flyer, told The Algemeiner at the time: “It is part of an increase in anti-Semitism that such low people as the ones who issued these flyers feel comfortable coming out of the woodwork.”

Blasenstein said, “It is not a pleasant thought that there are some people that would like to do the worst to you for no reason other than their cruel character. It was the smallest touch of what it must have felt like for Jews in Europe before WWII. There, there was no hope and no support, at least now in Australia it is reasonable to believe that most decent people will find this type of leaflet appalling.”

The events comes after a terrifying ordeal on Aug. 7th, when a gang of eight teens got on a city bus carrying about 30 Jewish schoolchildren between the ages of 5 and 12, and proceeded to taunt and threaten them including saying they would “slit their throats,” according to police.

Watch a video report of the terrifying hate attack on the schoolbus: