Recap 2015: OHPI’s government engagement

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In our Recap 2015 series, we take a look at some of our major achievements during the year. 

OHPI has been deeply engaged with Government over the past year. We have assisted the Commonwealth Attorney General’s department and the Australian Federal Police with confidential reports on a range of matters. We have also worked with state police in Victoria and NSW across a range of issues. We engaged in 7 matters at the request of the Australian Federal Police in either Victoria, Queensland or Western Australia. There were 14 additional matters where OHPI initiated work resulted in a report being prepared for the Australian Federal Police. We engaged on 6 matters which were initiated at the request of Victoria Police, and an additional 9 matters where OHPI initiated work was provided to Victoria Police.

OHPI also prepared a report in the area of countering violent extremism at the urgent request of the Commonwealth Attorney General’s Department. We attended the regional summit on countering violent extremism at the invitation of the Attorney General’s Department and met with the department and the CSIRO to discuss matters related to combating the spread of violent extremism online.

We also participated in events with the Australian Human Rights Commission, including a consultation the Racial Discrimination Act, meeting with a range of Government officials at the Advancing Community Cohesion Conference and attending the RDA@40 conference. We also attended a range of events with the Victorian State Parliament, including those for the Jewish and Muslim communities. A list of all our community engagements is here.

During October 2015, OHPI’s CEO was appointed by Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade as member of Australia’s delegation to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance and its Communications Working Group.

Between September and November 2015, OHPI managed a major campaign Spotlight on Anti-Muslim Internet Hate with the aim of getting members of the public, community bodies and government agencies on one platform to monitor and discourage rising online anti-Muslim hate. The Australian Federal Police officially partnered with the campaign and partially funded it, and the Victorian Minister of Multiculturalism Hon Robin Scott lent his support to the campaign on behalf of the Victorian government.

OHPI’s engagement with Government furthers our long term goal of being a world leader in combating online hate and a critical partner who works with key stakeholders to improve the prevention, mitigation and responses to online hate.