The far-right trolls

We’ve just banned the second person from the Online Hate Prevention Institute’s Facebook page since the #DebateWithoutHate campaign started 5 days ago. In that time the main article has been liked / shared over 1,300 times on Facebook. As we explained in our article about the first ban, under our “no platform policy” we ban on sight anyone who we notice is a supporters of hate pages or groups on Facebook. The reasons for this approach and a full explanation of the policy can be seen in this post from 2015.

This article is about a far right troll. Before we explore their posts, we note they are a supporter of the following pages: Rise Up Australia Party, Alt Right Australia (2 different pages),, Australia First Party Brisbane, National Advocates and others. On this basis this person would be banned from our Facebook page under the no-platform policy even without the content below.

The trolling: same-sex marriage as child abuse and aids

Their lead posts claims “Fake marriage is child abuse” then they go on to say “Facebook keeps putting AIDS on my newsfeed. I think it’s a psyop.”

In a report prepared for the Attorney-General of South Australian, the South Australian Law Institute (SALRI) stated that “through its research and consultation process” it “reached the firm conclusion that loving, committed couples can be heterosexual or nonheterosexual and thriving families come in all shapes and sizes. The law should not discriminate on the basis of who a person loves or how their child came into being.” The idea that same-sex marriage is “child abuse” not only flies in the face of serious research, it is homophobic and deeply hurtful to the many same-sex couples who are parents.

The reference to marriage equality content as “aids” is also homophobic. Not only does it compare a relationship to a disease, it builds on a history where fear of AIDS was a large driver of homophobia.

The 4Chan /POL/ connection

On their profile they link to a thread on /POL/ the Politically Incorrect forum of 4Chan, one of the precursors of the Alt-Right movement. The specific links goes to a thread with hardly any activity asking for people expose the identity of SlackBastard, a well known and anonymous anti-fascist activist in Australia. Given how little attention this got, it seems likely our troll is a regular 4 chan user.

Promoting Racism

On their wall the troll also reposts material from a blog called “National Advocates 2017” which describes itself as “a political activism group focused on advancing the interests of white Australians.”

The post in question says “we have allowed ourselves to become degenerate under the influence of false belief systems, debt-based money, immoral pleasures and empty materialism all pushed upon us by kikes”. Though more American than Australian, kike is a racial slur referring to Jews. The articled goes on to decry the “current obsession with equality of outcome between white Aussies and Aborigines. When a gap is 60,000 years old and 50 IQ points deep, there’s just no closing it.” Later it says “Holt’s government introduced the Migration Act 1966 which began the flooding of Asians, Middle Easterners and Africans we’re enduring today.”


Another post on the trolls wall says “Someone’s been a naughty goy in Brisbane today.” It features a picture of a “vote no” banner being hung on a bridge. Someone asks “What’s a goy?”. Clearly they haven’t been “red-pilled” yet. Our troll explains, “It’s a derogatory term used by Jewish supremacists to refer to non-Jews, particulary Christians.”

Goy literally mean nation, for example in the phrase “ohr la-goyim” which means “a light to the nations” (Isaiah 49:6). It is used in the bible both to refer to the nation of Israel and to refer to the other nations i.e. the rest of the world. In modern Hebrew and Yiddish goy is the standard term for gentile i.e. a non-Jew, someone from the other nations. The use of goy in English is not itself derogatory, though it has taken on some negative connotations given the history of non-Jews (i.e. goys) persecuting Jews.

The use of goy is a stable meme in antisemitic posts on 4Chan. It would typically accompany the antisemitic meme of the Jew and present the Jew as plotting and scheming against the goys (typical antisemitic stereo types) or would see non-Jewish 4Chan members “playing the Jew” making statements about “not letting the goys know” or similar. As a recent research paper on 4Chan explained, “‘goy’ is used in an inverted fashion on /pol/, i.e., posters call other posters “goys” to imply that they are submitting to Jewish ‘manipulation’ and ‘trickery.’”

A supporter of the Far Right

In a post about sentences being handed down after 3 members of the United Patriots Front were convicted of serious religious vilification, our trolls writes, “Unfortunate they got fined, but overall I think this is good for the movement. Great speeches by the lads, too”.

If their membership of a range of far right pages on Facebook wasn’t enough, here we have them praising the UPF and saying case was “good for the movement”.

Author of racist articles

The troll writes articles for the far right website. Here’s two of his articles being reposted to his Facebook wall:

The article itself includes content such as:

  • “Now I love Fremantle. The prison tour was great, the markets and al fresco café vibe is charming and the blazing sun is quintessentially Australian. Lovely place. Obviously though, we may have to invade it and kill some people.”
  • “Aboriginal ideas of marriage were more like our idea of sexual slavery. They practised child marriage. Like all prehistoric groups, they lived their lives in constant fear of spiritual entities.”
  • “A culture being ‘continuous’ means it never developed. That’s a synonym then for ‘failure’.”
  • Why do urban Aborigines receive scholarships and government funding out the wazzoo? Did they have some land taken from them? Are they considered intellectually deficient?”
  • Until the 1960s, things were getting slowly better for Aboriginal people. They were being integrated into the mainstream culture, educated at boarding schools and adopted by Australian families.”

Leaving aside the calls to kill people, the article seeks to paint a negative picture of Indigenous Australians and culture while praising the policies that led to the stolen generation.

A second article promotes a conspiracy theory of Israel and Jews being behind the 9/11 terrorist attack. The article is long, half of it simply asking the reader to dismiss all the evidence, and then it tries to make a make that Jews / Israel / Netanyahu benefit and therefore must be behind the attack. It’s the usual antisemitic conspiracy theory content… not surprising given what we have aleady learned about our troll.

So to conclude…

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