The increase in Islamophobia on the Internet

January 10, 2014: Raport: „Wzrost islamofobii w Internecie”, Islamofobia pod lupa (The increase in Islamophobia on the Internet, Islamophpbia under scrutiny (translation from Polish)),

December 10, 2013, on the occasion of the International Day for Human Rights released a report Institute. Combating Hate on the Internet (ang. Online Hate Prevention Institute) in collaboration with the Islamic Council of Victoria, the organization representing the local Muslim community.

Released the report is devoted to the growing problem of Internet hate against the Muslim community. Full version of the report entitled “Islamophobia on the web: increase web of hatred directed at Muslims,” ​​is available here.

The authors took, among others, phenomenon of Islamophobia on Facebook. The report showed, for example. Analysis of 50 anti-Muslim parties whose names place were between the “Islamic threat” (page, which on assumptions already had 113 thousand. Polubień) and “Mohammad, a pig” (page has been removed from Facebook after reaching 2000 fans ). The report was also large collection of anti-Muslim images in the number 349, documenting anti-Muslim hatred. Most of them appeared more than once on several pages.

The authors divide the hate messages appearing in several different categories around which focuses Islamophobic activity of Internet users:

Muslims as a threat to safety or a threat to public safety.
Muslims as a threat to culture.
Muslims as a threat to the economy.
Content dehumanizing or demonizing Muslims.
Threat of violence, genocide, and direct hatred directed at Muslims.
The hatred directed at refugees or asylum seekers.
Other forms of hatred.