OHPI at the 2013 Global Forum to Combat Antisemitism

GFCA Conference Working Group 6As co-chair of the Working Group on Antisemitism on the Internet and in the Media, OHPI’s CEO, Dr Andre Oboler, delivered a summary of the Working Group’s meeting and plan of action to the plenary. The Working Group was made up of about 50 international experts in the field of online hate and the plenary included 450 people including government ministers from various countries, diplomats, Jewish community leaders, leaders from NGOs combating antisemitism, academics and members of the press. During the presentation Dr Oboler launched the Working Group’s major report into Online Antisemitism, “Online Antisemitism: A systematic review”.

The report (which you can view below) can be cited as: Andre Oboler and David Matas (eds), “Online Antisemitism: A systematic review”, Report of the Online Antisemitism Working Group of the Global Forum to Combat Antisemitism (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Israel, 30 May 2013)

Online Antisemitism – A Systematic Review by Andre Oboler